Vision :

To establish state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research potential in a dynamic, competitive and vibrant environment among all the faculty and students.

Mission :

  1. To provide excellent research culture and infrastructure for faculty members to pursue research in their interested areas
  2. Serve as a platform for strong interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing
  3. To publish papers in high quality journals of international repute including Scopus and Web of Science
  4. To promote industrial collaborations including National laboratories involving active and mutually beneficial R & D projects and Consultancy projects
  5. To entitle faculty members in receiving grants and funds from external funding agencies
  6. To initiate all departments to setup research lab in their contemporary areas (Institutions can have one latest Research lab than departmental labs which costs more)
  7. To motivate the student community to submit their project proposal and receive funds from state/central Government agencies. (Seed money can be given to the faculty and students from the Institution to carryout projects for Government funding)

Objective :

  1. To encourage faculty members to pursue research in their interested areas
  2. To motivate faculty members in publishing their innovative work in UGC/SCOPUS/SCI/Anna University Annexure Journals
  3. To entitle faculty members in receiving grants and funds from Government Funding agencies
  4. To initiate all departments to setup research lab in their contemporary areas
  5. To create a platform for higher studies and research among student community
  6. To motivate the student community to submit their project proposal and receive funds from state/central Government agencies
  7. To encourage the student community for carrying out research work in their interested areas
  8. To pave a path among student community for acquiring knowledge in the field of Engineering by giving interdisciplinary projects
  9. To improve the writing skills of research articles among student community in their respective contemporary areas

Responsibility :

  1. Every faculty should be assigned to submit at least one proposal per semester.
  2. Frequency of review meeting is once in a month
  3. It is mandatory that the Doctorates to publish their manuscripts in referred journals (SCI/SCOPUS) and others can publish in UGC journals.
  4. It is mandatory that the Doctorates to file at least one IPR (patent/copyright) per Academic Year.
  5. Faculty members and Research scholars are permitted to utilize lab facilities

Roles :

  1. Guidance:
    1. Creating awareness among faculty and students in the area of research
    2. Helping the faculty and students to identify the trust area of research
    3. Providing proper guidance and resources both internal and external
    4. Providing resource to organize FDP, STP, Seminar and workshop etc.
    5. Providing orientation programs for faculty and students in Manuscript preparation and presentation
  2. Monitoring:
    1. Scrutinizing the on duty for faculty and students in research
    2. Review the process of research work done, grants received and other related activities
    3. Frequency of meeting: Once in a month

General guidelines :

  1. Paper presentation by students of pre-final and final year should be encouraged in conferences/referred Journals
  2. Exploring possibilities of getting funds for faculty research work from state and central government agencies
  3. Encouraging the students for getting funds for their projects from funding agencies
  4. Taking up consultancy work from Government and Private organizations with the existing expertise in department
  5. Setting up of research labs using MODROB scheme from AICTE and FIST from DST
  6. Faculty pursuing PhD can involve student in Research work by giving them the glimpse of research areas
  7. Every department should initiate to organize workshops/seminars/STP’s in current trends by getting funds from the funding agencies
  8. Every department should be entitled to submit project proposals to funding agencies like DST, SERB, ICMR etc

Targets for the Faculty :

  1. PhD holders in all departments should be entitled to publish at least two paper per academic year in SCI/Anna University Annexure journals
  2. Research Scholars and faculty members in all departments are entitled to publish at least one paper per academic year in referred journals
  3. All PhD holders should get the Anna University Supervisor ship to retain our Research Centre.
  4. All departments are entitled to submit proposals in project/seminar/FDP/workshop /Research proposals for getting funds from funding agencies
  5. All departments have to file at least two patent per Academic year
  6. Interdisciplinary projects should be initiated among student / Faculty community
  7. An orientation program has to be conducted for final and pre-final year students of all Departments to encourage them in doing service oriented Major and Mini projects
  8. Every student along with the Guide should publish paper on their project work in National/International UGC Journals

Executive Committee members :




1 Mr.P.Rajarao, Founder/Chairman.
2 Mr. P. Charan Teja Vice-Chairman
3 Mrs. P. Prathyusha CEO
4 Mr. Vasu Advisor
5 Dr. B R.Ramesh Bapu Principal
6 Dr. S. Arun Head – R&D.

Internal Committee members :




1 Dr.S.Padmapriya Professor / CSE
2 Dr. Anitha Professor / ECE
3 Dr. Murugan Alwakuruchi Munusamy Professor / Biotech
4 Dr. A. J. A Ranjith Singh Professor / Biotech
5 Dr. Mugunthan Professor / Biotech
6 Dr. Durairajan Business intelligence
7 Dr. Sasikumar Professor / ECE
8 Dr. G. Giridhar NIWE

R & D Members :

  • HoDs of All Department
  • All Ph.D scholars
  • Faculty pursuing Ph.D.
  • External Academic and Industry.

Research Advisory Board Members :






Dr. N. Nishad Fathima Senior Scientist, Chemical Laboratory, Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Adyar, Chennai -20 Chemistry, Biotech


Dr.Balasubramanian Assistant Director & Senior Scientist
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF)
4, Conran Smith Road, Gopalapuram
Chennai – 600086, India
Biotech, Life sciences


D.Senthil Kumar Scientist ‘F’


BE Complex

Jalahalli, Bangalore-560013



Dr.G.Giridhar Deputy Director General / Head (SRRA) Solar Radiation Resource Assessment

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy,

Government of India,

National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE)



Dr Daniel Chellapa Director, Scientist G IGCAR, Kalpakkam Electronics


Dr. Chandrasekaran Agriculture council of India Biotech


Dr.Vivek Saxeena DRDO, DTRL CSE


Dr.Manimozhi DRDO, Bangalore ECE

Internal R and D Team Members :





1. Dr.K.Sathiyasekar ECE Professor
2. Dr Dhasarathan Biotech HOD/Professor
3. Prof.Valabae Civil HOD
4. Dr.V.R.Kavitha CSE HOD/Professor
5. Dr. V. Jayaseelan MECH HOD/Professor
6. Dr.Thaiyagarajan IT HOD/Professor
7. Dr.L.Vanitha ECE Professor
8. Dr.S.Vimala ECE Professor
9. Dr. P. Malathi ECE Associate Professor
10. Dr.J.Poornachandran EEE Professor
11. Dr.K.C.Balaji EEE Associate Professor
12. Dr. P. Mohamed ali Mechanical Professor
13. Dr.Jayaraman Mechanical Professor
14. Dr. Padmalatha C Biotech Professor
15. Dr. A. Praveena Biotech Associate Professor
16. Dr. M. Thenmozhi Biotech Associate Professor

Anna University Recognized Supervisor in PEC :

S.No. Name Deptartment Designatiuon Supervisor no
1 Dr.S.Arun ECE Professor 2940102
2 Dr.S.Anitha ECE Professor 3340002
3 Dr.K.Sathiyasekar ECE Professor
4 Dr  Dhasarathan P Biotech Professor & HOD 1970123
5 Dr. Surekha R Science and Humanities (Physics) Professor &HOD 2770033



S.No Academic Year BIOTECH CSE ECE EEE IT MECH CIVIL S&H Total Details
1 2020-2021 (Till odd sem) 13 18 12 10 9 7 1 70 View
2 2019-2020 25 10 15 1 2 17 1 71 View
3 2018-2019 22 63 20 8 4 21 16 149 View
4 2017-2018 29 28 62 19 17 45 17 217 View
5 2016-2017 3 25 19 4 25 1 77 View
6 2015-2016 8 18 33 24 3 10 2 7 105 View
7 2014-2015 11 94 78 56 28 6 25 309 View
8 2013-2014 31 50 110 41 36 2 270 View
9 2012-2013 32 29 54 18 27 1 7 168 View
10 2011-2012 1 38 43 4 11 2 99 View





S.No. Year Patent Applied Patent Filed and Published Patent Granted Total Patents Remarks
1 2021 1 3 2 6 View
2 2020 1 23 7 31 View
3 2019 10 10 View
4 2018 2 2 View
5 2011-2014 37 37 View
Total 86


Total : 1462068
Admission Open
Prathyusha Admission open