To make Prathyusha Engineering College as one of the Advanced Innovation Centre and the supreme destination for Start-ups by 2025


To create, support and nurture a lively Start-up ecosystem in Prathyusha Engineering College resulting in innovation and entrepreneurship driven employment and socio-economic growth.

Short term Objectives

Inculcate, inspire, assist and support development of at least 8 technology start-ups in Prathyusha Engineering College

Long term Objectives

Provide a committed support to at least 05 Indian high growth start-ups developing innovative technology solution for high social impact in sectors like hygiene, agriculture, renewable energy, healthcare, transport, etc.





1. Dr. P.L.N. Ramesh
Principal, Prathyusha Engineering College
2. Dr. P. Jayaraman
Professor/ Prathyusha Engineering College
NISP Coordinator
3. Dr. S. Padmapriya
Professor/ Prathyusha Engineering College
Coordinator IIC
4. Mr. N. Ramasamy
Asst. Professor/Prathyusha Engineering College
EDC Coordinator
5. Mr. N. Gopinath
Asst. Professor/Prathyusha Engineering College
Innovation Ambassador
6. Dr. P. Malathi
Professor/ Prathyusha Engineering College
Innovation Ambassador
7. Dr. V. Ramakrishnan, Incubation centre/ Vice President
8. Mr. V.S. Sriraja Balaguru Vice President
9. Mr. E. Ganesh Bank/Investor
10. Mr. Manogar Loganathan Expert from industry
11   Mr. D. Thiyagaraja Gupta Patent Expert
12.   Mr. Karthik Ramamohan Start-up/Alumni Entrepreneur
13. Mr. S. Vijay Ganesh Start-up/Alumni Entrepreneur

Policy Problem or Thrust Area

S. No. Plan
1. PEC Strategies & Governance for Stimulating Innovation &


2. Creating Innovation Pipeline and Pathways for Entrepreneurs at institute level


Building Organizational Capacity, Human Resources and Incentives


Collaboration, Co-creation, Business Relationship and Knowledge Exchange




Norms for Students Driven Innovations and Start-ups


6. Incentivizing Faculty & Students for Entrepreneurship
7. Norms for Faculty Start-up
8. Incubation & Pre-Incubation support
9. IP Ownership Rights for Technologies Developed at PEC
10. Pedagogy & Learning Interventions for Supporting

Innovations & Start-ups

11. Entrepreneurial Performance Impact Assessment

Tentative plan for the next 5 years

S. No. Activity Frequency
1. One Day Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” 2/Year
2. One Day Workshop on Problem Solving/Design Thinking/Ideation

Workshop/ Campus Hackathon etc

3. Field/Exposure Visit to Village/Society /School/Industry/Market – Identity

real Life Problem

4. Special Talk on My Story – Entrepreneur’s Life & Crossroad – Motivational

Speak – To be Share by Entrepreneurs

5. Product Development Phases – Story Telling – (Innovators in Campus) 1/Year
6. Demo Day – Exhibition Cum Demo for PoCs & Mentorship Session for Innovators (or) Student Entrepreneurs 1/Year
7. Internship at Innovation & Start-up Centre/Start-ups/Incubation Unit etc. during Semester Break 2/Year
8. Field/Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit/Patent Facilitation Centre/Technology Transfer Centre 1/Year
9. Business Plan Contest 2/Year
10. Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) and (or) Business Plan Competition to Invite Innovative Business Models from Students 2/Year
11. One day workshop on “How to plan for Start-up and legal and Ethical Steps” 2/Year
12. Half day Interactive/online Session/Mentoring Session “Hangout with

Successful Start-ups” (Entrepreneurs in Campus )

13. One Day Awareness/Mentoring Session on IPR & IP Management for Innovation and Start-ups 2/Year
14. Field/Exposure Visit to Design Centre/Makers’ Space/Fab Lab/Prototype

Lab/Tinkering Lab etc

15. Seminar on Accelerator/Incubation – Opportunity for Student Faculty – Early Stage Entrepreneurs 2/Year
16. Seminar on Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding – What is there for Early Stage Innovator & Entrepreneurs 1/Year
17. Bootcamp for Innovation product development 1/Year
18. Innovation Day Celebrations 1/Year
19. National Science Day 1/Year
20. Workshop Funding Opportunities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


21. PEC Hackathon(Software) 1/Year
22. PEC Project Design Contest(Hardware) 1/Year
23. Short Term Training course on Innovation /Start-up & Entrepreneurship 1/Year

Benchmark – KPI Monitor & Evaluation

Hierarchy of     Objectives Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Means and Verification
Vision •5% Increase in Self-Employment Rate

• 8 Established Start-ups

• ARIIA, NIRF Rankings
Goal/Impact • Enable Environment with multiple level of support for innovation & Entrepreneurship in Prathyusha Engineering College

•5% of Graduate students will choose Entrepreneurship as career

• 10% of Student and Graduates Practice Entrepreneurship

• Biannual Survey

• ARIIA, NIRF Rankings

Outcomes •50% of student & faculty mass with entrepreneurship Orientation

• 25% of Student & faculty motivated to start any entrepreneurial activity

• 8 of IPR/Innovations developed for commercialization

• 8 of Student/Early Stage Start-ups formed

• 20% of In-house Expert Capacity available for Advisory Services

•20% of Satisfaction over Advisory services offered to Innovators & Early Stage Entrepreneurs

• Network Established with connecting multiple stakeholders & Ecosystem Enablers

• Biannual Survey

• Quarterly News Letter

Outputs •50% of Student & faculty mass exposed to awareness/orientation building programs

•50% of Students covered through entrepreneurship Education; MOOC, Class Room, Experiential Learning programs etc.

• 300 of beneficiaries are accessing the infrastructure & facilities per Year

• 50 of innovators identified; 25 of awarded,/recognized; 25 of Supported

• 20 of entrepreneurs identified; 10 of awarded/recognized; 10 of supported

• 8 of Student projects turns to (commercialize) Innovations

• 20 of IPR based product/services generated and registration filed

•20% of  in-house trained professional developed for advisory services

• 5 of Research Studies on Entrepreneurship published

• 5 of Regional, National and International linkages established for the start-up & innovation

•10% Representatives of experts & entrepreneurial students across Department & Disciplines.

•8 of Beneficiaries Referred to Incubators/investors for further support through Start-up Cell

•15 of Beneficiaries generated under various schemes and programs leveraged and converged at Start-up Cell


• Biannual Survey

• Monthly progress report

Total : 1329614
Admission Open
Prathyusha Admission open