NI LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) Academy is a tailored version of an Internationally recognized curriculum created by National Instruments (NI) .This academy was initiated by signing MOU with National Instruments in August 3rd 2011 and Purchase of software and related hardware as per the academy requirements. The sufficient workspace, requirements and support have been provided by the Management.

The LabVIEW Academy set up at PECby National Instruments is an initiative under their Planet NI (Nurturing Innovation) framework which strives to increase the employability of Indian engineering graduates by creating Centres of Excellence in engineering colleges which will provide cost effective access to world class latest technology for classroom teaching-learning. To make better engineers the LabVIEW Academy follows the concept of Experiential Education using Graphical system design approach. With a mission to educate students and to discover and disseminate knowledge through research, Prathyusha Engineering Collegeis leading the way towards producing world class engineers tuned to the demands of a fast changing global village . The Academy includes some of the powerful tools like, LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) and state-of-art Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (ELVIS) integrated with other hardware/ software to train/ teach on providing customized solutions to industries in various specialized areas related to Test, Measurement & Control


  • Conducting Training on LabVIEW software and related hardware
  • To Facilitate NI certification to Faculty and students on NI LabVIEW graphical programming and interface with measurement and control hardware..
  • Encourage the students to do experiments beyond the curriculum
  • Facilitate the Engineering students to develop in-house and Industrial final year real time projects
  • Conducting Faculty Development programmes and workshops on LabVIEW for the staff andStudents .
  • Competing with globally challenging students with strong knowledge in fundamentals.
  • Internship and Placement opportunity to get in to core engineering industries with help from NI Corporation.

Course Outline

LabVIEW Programming Environment: Components of LabVIEW, Data flow, Trouble shooting and debugging VI, Implementing a VI: Data Types, documenting code, while, For loops, Timing a VI, iterative data transfer, plotting data, structures, relating data: arrays, clusters and type definition, Common Design Techniques and patterns: Sequential programming, state machines, architectures, events, timing a  design pattern and event programming, Data Management Techniques: Communicating among multiple loops: Variables, functional global variable, race condition, synchronizing data transfer, File I/O techniques: Low, high and advanced, Data Acquisition and interfacing instruments: Hardware setup, software, Measuring analog input, generating analog output, instrument control: using GPIB, serial port, software architecture, Instrument I/O assistant, VISA and instrument drivers.

Software Hardware
·        LabVIEW Full Development system with updated version

·         LabVIEW Simulation Module

·         LabVIEW Real Time Module

·         LabVIEW FPGA Module

·         Motion Assistant

·         NI Signal Express

·        ELVIS –II

·        Biomedical Sensors – Vernier           green engineering kit I & II

·        Free scale Microcontroller

·        MyDAQ

·        MyRIO


Application Domain

  • Automotive
    • Bio-medical Engineering
    • Robotics
    • Civil & Structural Engineering
    • Metallurgy
    • Mechanical & Production Engineering
    • Power
    • Process Control Design
    • Remote Sensing
    • Telecommunications
    • Industrial Automation
    • Image Processing
    • Aerospace
    • Military

Faculties Received CLAD certification from National Instruments,Bangalore

Sl.No Name of the  Staff Designation Department
1 Ms.S.Malathi Associate Professor     ECE
2 Ms.P.Kalpana Devi Associate Professor      ECE
3. Ms.M.Sujatha Associate Professor     ECE
4. M.Priya Associate Professor      ECE
5 D.Jahnavi Assistant Professor      ECE
6 E.Dilliraja Assistant Professor      ECE
7 T.Kadhambari Assistant Professor      ECE
8 M.Mahalakshmi Assistant Professor      ECE

Students Trained & Received CLAD certification from National Instruments,Bangalore

Year No. of Students
2017-18 105 View
2016 – 17 70 View
2015-16 48 View


S.No. Name of the Student Department Year of Internship / Placement Name of the  Company
1 Diyyala .N.Chowdry ECE 2013 National Instruments, Bengaluru


2 Diyyala .N.Chowdry ECE 2013 Benchmark Technologies


3 M.Benisha ECE 2013 Benchmark Technologies


4 HarshaVardhan Reddy ECE 2014 National Instruments, Bengaluru


5 S.Abinaya ECE 2015 Electrono Solutions , Bangalore


6 M.Vignesh ECE 2016  

Yashika Industries


7 Karthekeswaran EEE 2016 Yashika Industries


8 Dinesh Kumar EEE 2016 Yashika Industries
9 Gokul Das Mech 2016 Yashika Industries
10 J.Sriram EEE 2017 ATS ,Chennai
11 Priyanka ECE 2018 National Institute of Ocean Technology
12 P.Revathy ECE 2018 National Institute of Ocean Technology


S.No. Name of the Student Department Year of Placement Name of the  Company
1 Diyyala .N.Chowdry ECE 2013 Digilogic systems Pvt.Ltd.
2 Harsha Vardhan Reddy ECE 2014 Digilogic systems Pvt.Ltd.
3 S.Abinaya ECE 2015 Electrono Solutions , Bangalore
4 Snehlata Yadav ECE 2015 Trident Tech Labs, Bangalore
5 Nitesh Jadav ECE 2015 Captronics Solutions, Bangalore
5 Hussain Sheriff EEE 2017 Tech Labs, Chennai
6 HariPrasad EEE 2017 Tech Labs, Chennai
7 Gokulan EEE 2017 Tech Labs, Chennai
8 J.Sriram EEE 2017 ATS, Chennai



Finals : List of Projects are presented for the NIYANTRA finals at Bangalore

Team Head Team Members Title of the project  
Project Guide
1 Balaji.K  SreeSai,Ajith Krishna,JothiSravanthi Archana Explosive Detection using optocopter Dr.A.Vijayalakshmi
2 Naveen Raj  J.LakshmiVnadhana
Smart trash bin E.Dilliraj

List of Workshop organized by students

S.No. Title of the Programme Student Resource Person Beneficiary No. of Students Date & Duration
1 Programming in LabVIEW using Arduino Mahesh Reddy  (Passed Out student ) IV ECE students 15 08.11.16 & 4 hrs
2 Programming in LabVIEW Sriram, J.LakshmiVandhana IV yr ECE & EEE students 35 12.08.17
3 hrs
3 Basics of RIO controller Automation E.Surekha , Mahendher , Vydegi,        KeerthiPriya II yr ECE & EEE students 120 19.08.17
3 hrs
4 RIO Controller Automation Mahendher and Vydegi   (IV yr ECE) Students from Various Engineering Colleges (Aavishkar 2017) 28 16.09.17
5 Multisensor fusion analysis using NI MyRIO M. Praveena ,S.Revathy, R.Pavithra III Yr ECE  & EEE students 28 24.01.18
6 Vision acquisition Sravanthi , Archana , R.Divya III Yr ECE  & EEE students 28 24.01.18



Awards and Achievements

  • Best LabVIEW academy award 2011
  • More than 1000 students from ECE ,EEE,CSE ,IT and Mechanical department have been trained in LabVIEW .
  • 50 faculty are trained in LabVIEW Core 1 ,core 2 and Hardware training.
  • Project titled “Virtual Eye “ selected as Top finalists in VIMANTRA 2013.
  • Two teams were shortlisted as Top Finalists in NIYANTRA 2017 More than 30 in house projects have been developed in LabVIEW .
  • Project Titled “ Octocopter for Explosive detection : was recommended for Global Design Competition by National Instruments.
  • Diyyala N. Chowdry received the  LabVIEW Student Ambassador award  at 2012
  • Diyyala N.Chowdry got internship at National Instruments ,Bangalore  at 2013
  • HarshaVardhan Reddy got internship at National Instruments ,Bangalore at 2014
  • Best Graphical System Design Lab award 2014
  • Students got selected for placement in Digilogic systems limited , Captronics solutions, Automated Test System Technologies , Trident Tech Labs, Qualcomm, Electrono Solutions etc,.
  • Students got internship at National Instruments, Benchmark Technologies ,Electrono Solutions , ATS , Yashika Industries , TAAL.
  • 73 students have been certified for LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) from National Instruments
  • S.Malathi ,Ms.P.Kalpana Devi, Ms.M.Sujatha, Ms.M.Priya, Mr.E.DilliRaja ,Ms.T.Kadhambari , Ms.M.Mahalakshmi and Ms.D.Jahnavi are CLAD Certified Faculty from National Instruments
  • CLUSTERS 2018- A National Level LabVIEW technical symposium conducted .
  • 8 CLAD certified Faculty and 73  CLAD certified students
Total : 1374939
Admission Open
Prathyusha Admission open