Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA)

    A Solar Radiation Resource Assessment project was initiated by the Ministry of New And Renewable Energy, Government of India to measure accurate and reliable solar radiation availability in India. This project was launched by Hon. Prime Minister of India in 2010 and is being implemented by Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Chennai, an autonomous R & D institution under the Ministry. This project is being implemented in 2 phases Phase I & Phase II. Under Phase I already a network of 51 SRRA stations has been established in about 10 states. Under Phase II 60 more SRRA stations are planned in the remaining states.

    The project envisaged of continuous recording of various parameters of solar and meteorological parameters as shown in the attachment. Each station records data of 38 parameters every minute and the data is transmitted to a central server established at C-WET, Chennai using GPRS technology. The entire setup of station is independent and automatic and requires no manual labour for its daily and routine maintenance. However we may require once in a day visit to the site to ensure all systems are functioning normally. The functioning of each station can be monitored online also. However the institution is required to provide safety of the instruments and access to the officials visiting the site for inspection and maintenance. As each SRRA site houses sensitive and expensive solar and meteorological sensors, safety and security of the instruments is very important and hence we have selected your institution for setting up our station. The data obtained is of national importance and is very useful to the solar power developers in designing and analyzing the performance of the system. It is also useful in determining the financial viability of the project and will be useful in analyzing the solar potential of the state as a whole for any future requirements of solar power development in the state. A provision will also be made to access the data by the institution with the condition to use the data for any R & D activities only. The data accessed should not be used for any commercial activity and cannot be published without prior permission from the Ministry. Institution should nominate a suitable officer as In charge of the SRRA station. The required information on site layout, civil work and list of equipments are attached for your ready reference. For setting up of SRRA station the institution needs to submit duly signed from authorised officials Letter of Acceptance, Memorandum of Understand and Non Disclosure Agreement attached herewith.

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