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Dear Sir /Madam

Prathyusha Engineering college, Department of BioTechnology.

Our EDC( III Years) Students shown interest to make a fruit bouquet  (basket) which is very economical and healthy  instead of going for floral bouquet

Why fruit basket (bouquet )?
You can buy a flower bouquet , but it is only for decorative purpose and its prices can be prohibitive. If your basket is for your own use, you can save money and customize your design by arranging the basket yourself.

Fruit bouquet :
A basket filled with  perfectly arranged  colorful, nutritious and delicious, fruit looks as good as it tastes. Its a crowning touch , an easy source of snacks for your backyard celebration or a thoughtful gift or felicitation for anyone who tries to eat healthily.

How to Create and Decorate Fruit Baskets?

Things You Will Need
Wooden Basket or Plastic tray
Gift wrapper

1. Select your container: Use Wooden Basket or Plastic tray, that is attractive, sturdy and large enough to hold your desired array of fruit.
2. Choose your fruit. Pick your favorites or fruit.
3. Arrange the fruits in the basket.
4. Gift wrap the basket
5.  Finish off the design with a  bow.


EDC Coordinator (BioTech)


26-09-2016 16:22:18
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