Setting up of Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) and Advanced Measurement Stations (AMS) Stations

The team from CWET comprising of the following members had visited the college on 1st March 2014, Saturday at 9.00 am.
1. Dr. G. Giridhar Director, MNRE/Unit Chief, SRRA, C-WET, Chennai
2. Dr. R. D. Vashistha Former Deputy Director General, Indian Meteorological Department, Pune
3. Dr. B. Amudha Scientist D, Indian Meteorological Department, Chennai
4. Dr. Indradip Mitra Technical Experts, GIZ
5. Dr. Richard Meyer Managing Director, Suntrace, Germany
6. Mr. R. Sasi Kumar Consultant, SRRA, C-WET
7. Mr. Anil Kumar Scientist B, MNRE
The team had interacted with the Principal regarding the installation of the Automatic Solar Monitoring Station, at our campus. They had also viewed the projects related to Renewable Energy Resources displayed in the Mega Lab. They had provided suggestions regarding the enhancements that could be implemented in association with CWET.
The Committee has identified the college as the suitable location for establishing Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) and Advanced Measurement Stations (AMS). The exact location identified is the roof top of main building M/s. Prathyusha Engineering College (PEC), Chennai.

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