The PEC FOSS CLUB was inaugurated on 2nd Aug 2011.The Principal Dr. P.M.Beulah Devamalar introduced office bearers of FOSS club and emphasized the importance of FOSS club to the gathering. Then, inaugural address was delivered by Dr. P. Sriram, Dean IIT Madras and DR.C.N.KRISHNAN, Director, AU-KBC CENTRE, MIT Campus, Chennai.
   Followed by, Software freedom day is a celebration to educate the worldwide public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS every where. Smt. P. M. Latha, Senior Project Officer, NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Centre, MIT Campus, Chennai has addressed the gathering She bought us awareness about FOSS and shared her professional carrier, how she has moved on to FREE SOFTWARE.
   As part of the Software Freedom Day we have conducted an event ‘Just A Minute’ to bring in awareness of FOSS among the student community. Students from all the departments of the college were invited to speak about “WHY OPEN SOURCE IS TOO OPEN”. We have 30 students registered out of which 8 were selected for from the preliminary conducted before the Software Freedom Day. The shortlisted students were asked to speak about “The Role of Open Source in GOVT. SECTOR” on Software freedom day.
The following students won prizes for their excellence
1st Prize was won by J Jeevitha of IV year CSE
2nd Prize was won by Indu Goel of II Year IT
  A demonstration on free software was given by Mr. J. Ferdin Joe Lecturer in cse DEPT. He gave demonstration on Virtual Box, open source software for virtualization. The focus of this tool was given on the aspects of research as well as students academic activities.
   One day Workshop on open source tools was conducted by Mr. K. Baskar, CEO of Cluster Soft Technology, Chennai. III and IV year Students of IT/CSE were given an opportunity to get started with using OPEN SOURCE TOOLS in our FOSS LAB at Mega Lab. They got an excellent opportunity to get started with and learned about scripting languages such as Perl & Python which are highly demanding avenues of IT industry in the years to come. The practical sessions were very helpful for students, and it provoked interest towards these languages. The students attended for the workshop were certified.
  PEC Foss Club members and second year Students of CSE and IT attended a one day seminar on Free Software Foundation at IIT Madras on 6th Feburary 2012. The TECHNICAL TALK has given BY RICHARD MATTHEW STALLMAN (Founder of Free Open Source Software). Stallman made it clear about the freedoms that we get in using the free software and also he made us realize what freedom we are missing in proprietary software. He was a great Philosopher which I could sense from his speech. He was very particular in using the word GNU LINUX instead of LINUX where LINUX is only a kernel and it is not an OS.
   PEC FOSS CLUB members have attended the workshop on LOCALIZATION OF MOZILLA PROJECTS at IIT Madras on 19 february 2012. THE SPEAKER IS Mr.ARKY - COMMUNITY MANAGER /L10N AT MOZILLA CORPORATION. This Workshop provides clear and concise understanding of MOZILLA localization ecosystem.
   PEC FOSS CLUB members have attended half a day technical session on "Introduction to Drupal" the famous Content Management System which is rocking the web world with its simplicity and technical superiority conducted by Free Software Foundation, TamilNadu at IIT MADRAS on 26 February 2012.The session was demonstrated with how a website can be created in minutes and improvised with just mouse clicks.

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